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Any inquiry +971585887766

[Sky Chan] Teok-bokki Sauce 300g (Sky 떡볶이 소스 300g)

Dhs. 30.00

You don't need to worry about how to make Dduk-bok-ki.

Just boil it in the wok with a cup of water and put Dduk for Dduk-bok-ki and fish cake.

(When you don't have fish cake, you can just put sausage or crab stick.)

At the last, put some spring onion (or leek) and mixed it together for a minute.

* 300g of sauce is for 4 person serving. 

If you want to eat by your self or just with one of your friends, all the ingredients' quantity should be half of it.

ex) 200-300g Teok + 150g Sauce.


* 떡볶이 소스 300g은 4인분 기준입니다.

  떡볶이 떡 500g-600g 정도 사용하시면 적당합니다.