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Any inquiry +971585887766

Sneakers Socks Set of 10 pairs for Men and Women [발목 양말 남/여 10족 세트]

Original price Dhs. 30.00
Current price Dhs. 25.00

Made in Korea

Fabric : Cotton, Polyester, Polyurethane

Color : White (Women), Grey (Men)

Women's Size : 230-250mm

Men's Size : 250-260mm

* Options *

  10 pairs for women / 10 pairs for Men / 5 pairs for Women + 5 pairs for Men


* No matter what your gender is. You can just choose for your foot size.

* 성별에 상관없이 발 사이즈에 맞춰서 선택하시면 됩니다.