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Stripe Cool Short Sleeve T-Shirt (스트라이프 쿨 반팔 티) Free Size

Original price Dhs. 29.00
Current price Dhs. 15.00
Color: Black

This is free size for small to medium.

44-66 입으시는 분들께 적합한 사이즈 입니다.

Color : Black, Navy, Green

Fabric : Poly + polyurethane

Origin : China (OEM)

Choi's Fit : Size 66 / Height 167cm / Weight 54kg

* 얇고 시원한 재질인 관계로 세탁기 이용시에는 세탁망에 넣으시길 권합니다.

* This is so cool thin fabric so it's recommended to put it in a laundry net when you use washing machine.